Natalia Trayanova: Modelling Cardiac Function and Dysfunction

Dr. Natalia Trayanova is a Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Institute for Computational Medicine at Johns Hopkins University, and holds an endowed professorship (William R. Brody Faculty Scholar). She is also a Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society, American Heart Association, and American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.

The research in Dr. Trayanova’s Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory centers around understanding the normal and pathological electromechanical behavior of the heart, with emphasis on the mechanisms for cardiac arrhythmogenesis, cardiac electromechanical interactions, and the improvement of the clinical therapies of defibrillation, infarct-related ventricular ablation, and cardiac resynchronization therapy. She is the recipient of numerous awards, among which the Excellence in Research and Scholarship Award (2005) and Outstanding Researcher Award (2002) from Tulane University, and the Fulbright Distinguished Research Award (2002), to name just a few. She has also received awards for excellence in teaching.

Trayanova has published extensively and has presented at a large number of international meetings. Among her other professional activities, Trayanova is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Computational Physiology and Medicine, served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions of Biomedical Engineering in the period 1997-2005, is on the Editorial Board of the journals Heart Rhythm and American Journal of Physiology (Heart and Circulatory System), and is an Area Editor of IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering.

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